Hari Raya Puasa Eve Ride (est 80km) - Beginner Riders Not Recommended

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Hari Raya Puasa Eve Ride (est 80km) - Beginner Riders Not Recommended

Post  myths aka Steven Yeo on Wed Aug 24, 2011 7:46 am

** Beginner Riders Not Recommended Due To Longer Than Usual Route Distance & Slope Climbing **


- Mount Faber
- Mount Pleasant
- Kent Ridge Park (TBC depending on request due to very steep slopes)

Start Time:
9.30pm (SK - 257C)
9.45pm (JK - Esso Station)
End time:3.30am (estimate)


For more info: 92708297 (Henry)
RSVP & ground contact (sms): 94868191 (Allen)/ 96465522 (George)

* Ride automatically cancel in event of bad weather that does not clear by 7.30pm.
Weather Source:
http://app2.nea.gov.sg/3hnowcast.aspx (3hr nowcast)
http://app2.nea.gov.sg/rain_animation.aspx (weather radar updated at every 5-10 minutes interval)

CycleKakis Ride Terms & conditions/ Disclaimers

1) Be punctual. We wait for slow riders, not late-comers.

2) Ride will be cancelled if heavy rain or ground conditions is not safe to ride.

3) Always bring your own spare tube and bicycle tools.

4) For your own safety it is compulsory to wear a helmet and proper covered shoes

5) During night cycling its compulsory to install a front white light and a rear red blinker light.

6) All riders are to comply with LTA rules on cycling on public road.

7) Strictly cycle in a single file on public or narrow roads unless overtaking under safe condition.

Cool Cycle as a team, follow the lead rider and do not over take. Inform leader and sweeper if you leaving group.

9) Organizer have right to stop rider from continuing if he deems the riders to be not in a condition to ride.

10) We reserve the rights to refuse any participation from any cyclist(s) at any point of time.

11) To instilled and promote safety in cycling, we will not hesitate to "STRONGLY ADVISE" rider(s) who compromises safety on himself and/or the whole group during the ride.

12) We are just an informal group of cyclists, therefore none of us is liable or responsible for any accident or mishap that occurs to you during any of the rides we organise.

13) For your own safety and the public, always cycle with safety in mind at all times.

14) Do ensure that you are well-covered with appropriate personal accident insurance.

** By joining the ride, means you have read the Terms and Conditions with full understanding **

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